Some of your questions answered.

Who is EaseeDo for?

Although EaseeDo was originally inspired by our experience with our autistic children, there is no single group that EaseeDo is designed for.

EaseeDo could help anyone who needs help with:

  • executive function
  • organising and prioritising tasks
  • dealing with change of routine
  • decision making
  • understand their emotions
  • identifying triggers of anxiety

or benefits from:

  • structure and routine
  • having a visual plan
  • rewards for positive behaviour

Is there an age limit?

Yes and No.

Under 16s can only have a 'Supervised' account and therefore must be supported by an adult.

We don't set a minimum age for supervised accounts and leave that to the discretion of their parent or guardian.

Can other people use my account?

No. All accounts are individual and only for one person. However, there is no cost for 'Support' accounts and no limit to the number of connections you can make and collaborate with.

If you're supervising other accounts you will need to create a separate account for each individual you are supervising.

Is my information private?

We keep your information private and don't share it with any other parties.

However, EaseeDo does provide ways to connect and collaborate with others. By doing this you are sharing some of your information with them and we have limited control over what those users do with the information you share.

For more detail please refer to our 'Privacy Policy' here.

How do I report a bug?

At this time, we are not asking users to complete bug reports. That's not to say that you won't experience bugs or that we don't want to hear from you.

Any error messages from your browser or our server are automatically reported and reviewed.

If you have any concerns or wish to drop us a message please feel free to use the contact page, here.

Can I use this for multiple children?

Yes, you can support as many children as you want. You just need to add a Supervised account for each child you want to use EaseeDo with.

How do I cancel?

You can stop using EaseeDo at any time.

If you have started a paid subscription you can cancel it from the accounts subscription page and no further payments will be taken.

Subscription accounts will be suspended at the end of the trial or current subscription period and can be re-enabled at any time.

Do I need an internet connection?

The functionality of the website relies heavily on an internet connection. Therefore, the website cannot work offline.

The mobile app requires a data connection for updating and synchronising. This could be Wi-Fi or mobile data. The app will continue to work with a local copy of the data if the internet connection is lost, but will not be able to update or show live information until the internet connection is restored to that device.

Do you support my hardware?

We do our best to ensure our website complies with modern web browsers, and is tested on the latest version of the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

The android app is tested on a variety of phones running android version 6.0 onwards, plus the Amazon Kindle Fire 7.

However, due to the massive number of hardware and software combinations your devices could be running we cannot make any guarantees on compatibility with any specific devices.

We cannot provide any physical support for your computer hardware or mobile devices.

Use of cookies

Our website makes use of cookies. Some are necessary for the site to work and others help develop and improve the website.

For more information about cookies used on this site, please see our privacy policy

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are required for our website for function properly. If these are disabled by the browser settings, our website will not work.


In addition to the necessary cookies, we would like to set Google Analytics cookies, to help us improve our website.

The analytics data can't be used to directly identify anyone, essentially they let us see which areas of our site are more or less popular.