Empower minds,
foster independence and manage anxiety

Enabling individuals to navigate daily challenges more effectively, unlock their full potential and improve overall well-being.

Timeline screen shot on monitor
Feature 1 screen

Visual schedules & routines

Easily create a visual schedule, use graphics from our library or upload your own. Create routines and reuse them as often as needed.

Feature 2 screen

Manage change

Change happens; sometimes it's unavoidable, by arranging schedules as a timeline that can be divided into layers, activities that disrupt an expected routine can be clearly visualised.

Transition image

Aid transition

Visual schedules appear on the mobile app as clear 'Now', 'Next' and 'Later' items. Notifications and a clear progress visual in the 'Now' activity helps the transition from activity to the next.

Feature 2 screen

Guides & checklists

Provide extra support for activities, break them down into step-by-step guides or checklists with graphics for a visual consistency. Keep these visual resources in your personal library to call on any time.

Transition image

Track feelings

Track emotions and anxiety; customisable tracking with options to track a simple 'OK' / 'NOT OK' scale or more detailed tracking by recording specific emotions, e.g., joy, sadness, anger etc... Use pins on the timeline to record events or reactions.

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