Our mission is to provide a reliable, affordable tool that helps individuals, and their support network, who need assistance with executive function skills.

Our story

Hi there,

I'd like to share a little about our home life: we are blessed with three wonderful children, and we consider ourselves very lucky. However, as they were growing up, some aspects of life seemed far more challenging for them than we expected.

Over time, we found strategies that helped manage some of the challenges in daily life and mainstream school; visual schedules and routines were a vital part of these strategies, and we found them hugely beneficial. The main drawbacks were the time and effort involved in setting them up, and they were great at home but not portable.

I've always loved technology, and the solutions we had involved a lot of use of scissors, glue, and a laminator, so I looked for tech-based replacements. But at the time, very few existed, and those that did were financially out of reach. This sowed the seed of an idea; at this time, I had no idea how long the journey would be and where it would lead.

The EaseeDo journey began properly in 2009 when our eldest daughter received her autism diagnosis. That's not to say she was suddenly autistic; she has always been autistic, but for some, an autism diagnosis can be a life-changing turning point.

This turning point meant many different things to us; our daughter embraced the diagnosis and took comfort in being able to understand herself and so began to identify what she needed to thrive; as parents, we could breathe a small sigh of relief that we were not neurotic. For me, it was also the realisation that our situation and challenges are not unique, and other families and individuals could be navigating similar experiences.

I decided that the simple app I was creating for my own family should become a fully-fledged software platform available to others. At the time, I had no concept of the undertaking I was placing on my family.

There was no budget to throw at this idea, so along the way, I've gained the skills needed to build EaseeDo and put in countless hours of development. We've had setbacks and barriers to overcome, and it's been a long journey to where we are now; there is no such thing as an overnight success.

Although our experience inspired EaseeDo, it's not specifically for autistic people. It has features aimed at supporting executive dysfunction and the associated anxiety; EaseeDo may also be helpful for others, such as those with ADHD or who are dyslexic, as well as people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury or have dementia, to name a few. We hope EaseeDo will make a difference to many.

Trevor, EaseeDo founder.

The EaseeDo Team
Team Image - Trevor

Problem solver, writes lots of code, anything else the business needs.

Team Image - Catherine

Massive amounts of research, bookkeeping.

Team Image - Penny
Chief - Emotional Support

Excels at stern looks, better at cuddles.

Team Image - Storm
VP - Emotional Support

Great at cuddles, top notch cat alarm.


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