Life can be tough, and we recognise that; whether you're facing challenges, or helping others face them, you're all Heroes!

EaseeDo is a support tool; use your account to give or receive support or, in some cases, both.

Build a support network by connecting with other heroes; this support network could be made up of family, friends, carers, Occupational Therapists, teachers, and the list goes on!

We've kept our pricing simple.

Only the people being supported need a subscription.

Support others with a free account, no subscription required.


Feature FREE
Have a timeline of events & activities
'Now Next Later' view of activities
View your timeline in layers on the app
Follow guide and checklists
Record feelings and emotions
Place pins on your timeline
Add and edit timeline events
Make visual guide & checklists
Use graphics from the EaseeDo library
Create a custom graphics library by uploading images
Be part of a community
Share resources you've made


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