EaseeDo Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how EaseeDo Limited (`We`, `Us`, `Our`) collects, stores and uses the personal information you provide when using the EaseeDo service, website and mobile applications (`EaseeDo` or `Service`).

What information We collect & Why

Account details

To provide you with EaseeDo we collect information that identifies you and associates you with your account. We require your name, email address and optionally a username (unique to EaseeDo).

In the case of a supervised account (an account that’s associated with another) the email address is optional, provided a username is used.

To maintain security of your account, we also require you to provide a password for your account.

Your Content & Data

EaseeDo is designed to assist you by allowing you to create Your Content and record Your Data then present this information in a useful way. To do this we collect, store and use the information you create and upload via our Service, such as text and images, and associated information such as timestamps.

Usage & Preferences

To provide better Service we collect data regarding your usage of EaseeDo, including your preferences on communications and sharing of Your Content and Your Data

Payment information

We DO NOT store your complete payment card information on any of our systems.

The payment card information we collect for processing subscription payment is transmitted immediately and securely to a third-party payment gateway (World Pay). The payment gateway stores this information in a highly secure way and is only permitted to use it to process payment for EaseeDo.

We only store enough of the card information to enable you to identify which card was used to take payment for the Service.

Geographic region

We collect information about your geographic region to ensure you reside in one of the geographic areas we provide EaseeDo. We also use your geographic region to ensure any taxes due, by us, from your subscription payments are sent to the correct tax authority. Geographic location will normally be obtained by your IP address; however, it may be necessary to request your location from time to time.

Who sees your information

Other users

EaseeDo provides the ability to collaborate and share Your Content and Your Data. Some of your account information is used to identify you to other users of the Service.

To request a ‘Connection’ with you other users must know your complete email address or username. You will not be identified by a partial match and your email address will not be displayed if your username has been used for the connection request.

Subject to your sharing settings some, or all, of Your Content and Your Data will be visible to the other users you have authorised.

Employees & Officers of EaseeDo

We may use your personal information to help us improve or maintain our services, for instance:

  • manage your queries and help requests
  • meet any legal obligations required of us
  • conduct research or analysis to improve EaseeDo
Third parties

Other than the payment gateway as described above, we will not share or sell your information with any third party, except in extreme circumstances, such as:

  • to investigate or act against illegal activities, threats or abuse against other persons, or failure to meet the ‘Terms of Service’
  • when we are required to do so by a court of law or legal process



Your account password is used to protect your account and personal information, it is your responsibility to keep your password safe. Your password is encrypted on EaseeDo and not available to us, should you forget your password it may be reset by requesting a reset token, this will be sent to the email address associated with your account. We will never contact you by email, or any other way, to ask for any account details or personal information.

Public computers

If you use a public computer to access our Service, it is advisable that you sign out of your account before you leave the computer.

Control of information

Information in your shared content may be shared further by any person you grant access, whether that is on EaseeDo or by other means. EaseeDo cannot protect information from ‘copy and paste’ function or screen capture software. You should avoid sharing content that contains information you don’t want to enter the public domain.

Supervisors of other accounts are responsible for ensuring those account users either understand the risks associated with sharing information or prevent them doing so through their ‘account permissions’.

Inappropriate content

We are not responsible for information in your shared content or content other users may share with you. If you are concerned by the nature of information shared with you are advised to follow the guidance in our help documentation and believe our Terms of Service have not been followed, you are encouraged to report the activity via our contact page.


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How we use cookies

Some cookies are essential for the service to work properly, these cookies:

  • keep you logged when using the service
  • enable video content (help videos) stored on vimeo.com
  • store page setting when using the service

We also like to use Google Analytics to help us improve the service. You're asked to select your preference when you first visit the website.

You can change this preference at any time. To do this, click on 'cookies' at the bottom of any page on this site.


From time to time we may make changes to this policy, the most current version will be available on the website, you will be notified by email if your rights are affected by changes.

Your rights

Under the GDPR you, as a data subject, have the right to access all data we hold of you, correct data which you deem to be incorrect or incomplete, request us to stop processing your data or request us to delete all your data from our systems.

You can execute any of these rights by contacting our data protection officer, contact details can be found to the top of this privacy notice.

Please note: to protect your privacy as well as that of our other members, we will ask you to provide proof of identity to us. This may be necessary to make sure we do not provide your data to somebody else or provide you with data that is not your own.

Making use of your rights is free of charge, unless we deem your requests to be excessive, repetitive in nature or otherwise manifestly executed with malicious intent, we reserve the right to not respond to your request in full or charge you a reasonable fee based on our administrative costs.
In either case, we will inform you of our decision.

Data controller & officer:

The Guernsey based company EaseeDo Limited, is the controller for all data related to Our Service. Our registered data officer is Trevor Nicholls.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy or your privacy please contact us:

  • email - data-officer@easeedo.app
  • call - 01481 245533
  • or - use the form on our contact page


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